Books By Simon McCleave

If you like dark police procedurals, psychologically complex characters, and shocking twists, then you’ll love Simon McCleave’s pulse-pounding novels.

The Snowdonia Killings - A DI Ruth Hunter Crime Thriller Book #1

A small-town murder. A big city detective. Can she unravel the grisly trail of clues before the killer strikes again?
Detective Inspector Ruth Hunter lives with the pain of her partner’s unsolved disappearance. Now pushing fifty, the veteran police officer trades in the crime-ridden streets of London for a more peaceful post in rural North Wales. But Ruth has barely settled in when the body of a teacher is discovered… with strange symbols carved into her skin.
Teaming up with an obstinate deputy, Ruth struggles to eliminate suspects from a long line of . But she’s forced to tear up her shortlist when they discover another slain victim with the same cryptic markings…
Has Ruth got what it takes to solve the case before the next deadly bell rings?

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The Harlech Beach Killings - A DI Ruth Hunter Crime Thriller Book #2

A murdered millionaire. A brutal drug operation. Can a detective with a haunted past stop the next assassination?
Detective Inspector Ruth Hunter is still struggling. So when the body of a businessman washes up on a secluded North Wales shore, the former London cop is anxious to prove she can lead the investigation and nail the killer. But as she digs into the dead millionaire’s business affairs, DI Hunter discovers a disturbing link to an infamous Merseyside drug lord…
Tracking down clues alongside a hot-headed partner, she worries his private vendetta could seriously jeopardize bringing the gangster to justice. And between botched raids, tight-lipped suspects, and a slew of cold case murders, she’s sure the criminal mastermind must have corrupt police officers in his pocket…
Can Hunter take down the mobster before he orders a highly personal hit?

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The Dee Valley Killings - A DI Ruth Hunter Crime Thriller Book #3

A twisted serial killer. A deadly game of cat and mouse. Can DI Ruth Hunter catch a crazed psychopath who seems intent on destroying her life?

DI Ruth Hunter hopes that settling in Snowdonia with will melt away the grief of a missing partner. Burying herself in her work, she senses that her current missing persons case isn’t all that it seems. When a man’s body turns up torn to pieces, Ruth realises that she is now tracking a deadly serial killer.

Working with her fiercely patriotic Welsh partner, DI Hunter soon has a prime suspect in her sights – although he seems to always be one step ahead of them. When the killer begins to claim a personal connection to her, Ruth fears a grisly end to her and her family.

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